Animated flight data? Visualization globes? It’s all been done already. There was Aaron Koblin’s Flight Patterns, the Data Arts Team WebGL Globe, Google’s O3D demos, and more recently Callum Prentice’s Flight streams. Robert Gerard Pietrusko’s ORD Fly By Numbers is not only beautiful, but by far the most academically rigorous—and that’s just to name a few. I’ve pulled some inspiration from all of them to make this little demo for myself; I often pull apart others’ code and rewrite it in order to learn how it works. That’s all this is here. Feel free to pull it apart yourself—it’s on GitHub. I always try to code and comment legibly. Pay it forward.

I’ve only tested this in Chrome and to be honest only really on my own laptop—so quit your bellyaching kiddo. No, the flight data does not contain actual flight times, airline codes, etc. Sorry. But the data is publicly available here which is fantastic. So have a ball.

Stewart Smith