Fri. 01 Oct 2010
Tags. music, playlist

Autumnal tunes in residence

01. Wolves. Phosphorescent.

02. Figure 8. Elliott Smith (covering Blossom Dearie).
03. Paranoid Android. Radiohead.
04. Going to Georgia. The Mountain Goats.
05. Everytime I’m with You. Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse, featuring Jason Lytle.
06. Drift. John Larsen.
07. Falling Man. Blonde Redhead.
08. So. Central Rain. R.E.M.
09. Hated Because of Great Qualities. Blonde Redhead.
10. * For the Damaged Coda. Blonde Redhead.
11. World Leader Pretend. R.E.M.
12. Hairshirt. R.E.M.
13. Tonight. Sibylle Baier.
14. Lizzy. Ben Kweller.
15. Soothe. Smashing Pumpkins.
16. Two-Headed Boy Part 2. Neutral Milk Hotel.
17. Famous Blue Raincoat. Leonard Cohen.
18. Mill Town. Bob Martin.
19. Do Re Mi. Nirvana.
20. Figure 8. Blossom Dearie.

Wed. 22 Sep 2010

The Pendulum Swings Again

Today we are very happy to release the video for Tomas Halberstad’s new single The Pendulum Swings Again. Have a listen as you journey to the far reaches of the universe to meet some new (non-human) friends. Inspired by The Last Starfighter, WarGames, the original Tron, various others.