Bis Dann, Karlsruhe

Saturday. 29 January 2011. 20:00 UTC

Time’s up and our visit to ZKM (Center for Art and Media) in Karlsruhe, Germany has ended. So many faces made this three week working-visit feel more like a home away from home. Big smiles to Andrea, Annie, Bernd, Daria, Derek, Dirk, Hans, Heike, Iris, Jacob, Jan, Jens, Julia, Margit, Martin, Matthias, Moritz, Niko, Sarah, Silke, Urs, and Xiaowen. We enjoyed our time. For now our work continues remotely from London (Stewdio) and Cambridge (Warning Office).

Guest artists invited to ZKM for extended stays are often housed in the nurse’s dorm at the adjacent St. Vincentius Hospital. (Yes, as strange as it sounds.) Each little dorm room comes pre-decorated with one painting and one cross. But one room… One room in the nurse’s dorm contains a surprise cleverly hidden behind the painting. We don’t know who put it there or when it was installed, but it’s proof that in this clinically stark (and religious) hospital dorm setting someone sat alone in this very room. And had a very good laugh. If you happen to be the guest who did this, thank you. But also please contact Stewdio with your name, the room number you stayed in, and year you stayed there.

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