Wed. 09 May 2012
Tags. music, playlist

Shale playlist

It’s springtime rainy days in London—as good a time as any for a new playlist heavy on differing versions of St. James Infirmary Blues. Introducing Shale, thirteen songs to brood and sulk by.

01. Knock Knock. The Accidental.
02. Oh My Heart. REM.
03. St. James Infirmary. Ramblin’ Jack Elliott.
04. Mostly Waving. Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton.
05. St. James Infirmary. Bobby Bland.
06. Western Eyes. Portishead.
07. Life in a Glasshouse. Radiohead.
08. Going to Georgia. The Mountain Goats.
09. So. Central Rain. REM.
10. St. James Infirmary. Snooks Eaglin.
11. What’s a Girl to do. Bat for Lashes.
12. St. James Infirmary Coda. Decembler.
13. Where Did You Sleep Last Night. Nirvana.

Thu. 03 May 2012

Jed's Other Poem on the Commodore 64

Stefan Post of PostWare recently took it upon himself to port the source code for our Jed’s Other Poem music video from its original Applesoft BASIC form to Commodore BASIC. This means Jed can now run on the Commodore 64! You can read Post’s notes and download his C64 port here:

Mac OS X users can download Vice 2.3 which is a package of several related emulators. When downloaded, open the x64sc emulator and from the File menu select Smart attach Disk/Tape (or hit Command+O). Select Posts’s PRG file and before long you will see Jed’s blinking cursor. Adjust the emulator’s speed as necessary.

Of course you can still download the original Applesoft BASIC code and run it on an Apple 2 emulator. For OS X we recommend Virtual ][ which emulates the Apple ][, ][+, and //e. And if you happen to have an actual vintage Apple laying around you can use the audio file included in the source code package to load Jed onto it via the cassette port—just like the guys at Panic Software! See their blog post about it: An Apple //e, an iPad, and Jed.