Fuck it man, whatever. Introducing the all new iQuit.

1: Address it.

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2: Confirm it.

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3: Send it.

Click the "iQuit Now" button below and you will receive an email with a special hyperlink inside. That link will construct a formal resignation letter, mail it to your intended recipients, and CC you as a receipt.

iQuit ′09

iQuit generates a formal letter of resignation from its library of pointed, yet ambiguous, sentences. Perfect for quitting almost any sticky situation. Easily integrates into your iLife or iWork workflow.

Proud Parent

My wife and I have always preferred our older son to his younger brother, but infanticide is so expensive. Thanks to iQuit I've cut the excess baggage and have a family I'm truly proud of!

Delighted Designer

I used to do corporate advertising until I realized having a soul is nice. I fired up iQuit and BAM! Now I can starve with pride.

Smirking Single

I knew I wanted out of my relationship, but couldn't find the words. iQuit made it quick and easy, just like me!