Jed's Other Poem

An unsolicited, then approved, music video for the band Grandaddy and their song of the same name off of the album The Sophtware Slump.


Apple Computer creates the Applesoft II language which is largely based on Microsoft's 1976 floating point BASIC.


The Apple ][+ rolls out with 48K of RAM. It has no hard drive or mouse. But it does run Applesoft II.
1979 Apple 2 Plus with 48K of RAM


Stewart Smith of Stewdio
My name is Stewart.


Grandaddy forms and releases their first record, Prepare to Bawl.


Jeddy-3 the humanoid is assembled in the kitchen out of spare parts. Before Jed's system dies he wrote poems. Poems for no one.


I spend some weekends choreographing and programming the Jed video. Jeff Bernier shoots the footage in my bedroom on September 11th. JP Chirdon is also on hand. Jeff and I spend the evening editing. I release the video online through Stewdio.

Yes, it says "wedding ring" instead of "ready ring" but it was too late.

Thanks for Noticing

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5.25 inch 360KB disk
I release the Jed source code making this (perhaps) the world's first open-source music video.


I contact Grandaddy's drummer, Aaron Burtch, via the band's message board. He suggests putting my video on an upcoming Grandaddy DVD. However...


Grandaddy makes their breakup official on January 27th, prior to the release of their final record Just Like The Fambly Cat: (


I sign a contract with V2 Records retroactively hiring me for this music video and avoiding a lawsuit —making the video legitimate.


Valve releases Portal, with a music video finale called Still Alive; music by Jonathan Coulton. Are GLaDOS and Jed kindred spirits?


Radiohead and Aaron Koblin release House of Cards; also an open-source music video.


YouTube user NickyRamone77 releases a personal video for The Chameleons: Up The Down Escalator based on the Jed source code.


Panic Inc uses an iPad to load the Jed source code onto their vintage Apple //e, creating Jed Panic. A flood of visitors causes their server to crash temporarily.
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