Plasma from Microwaved Grapes

Grape Plasma Experiment, Trial 2

Sun. 05 Mar 2006. 23:51

Professors Haynes and Smith performed several (2) scientific experiments during the "Beta Party" (04 Mar 2006) with the help of some trusted colleagues. The final such experiment was conducted in the lab's kitchen and involved a standard household microwave, an ordinary grape, and plasma. This video was taken during trial 2 of 4 at approximately 01:30 on 05 Mar 2006.

Reference Materials

How to make Microwave Grape Plasma
Why Do Grapes Spark in the Microwave?
Wikipedia: Plasma

Preparation Diagrams

01 Safety Precautions
02 Grape Preparation
03 Thermal Hot Spots

Laboratory Staff

Stewart Smith
Benjamin Haynes
Justin Smith
Pete Panciera
John Paul Chirdon
Jeff Bernier
Juliette Cezzar

Trial 1 Media

01 White-hot plasma ball
-- QuickTime Movie

Trial 2 Media

01 Ordinary grape
02 Grape begins to spark
03 Sparks occur at intersection
04 Full ignition
05 Air above grape is super-heated and ionized
06 Plasma arcs from grape towards thermal hot spot
07 Plasma ball floats to top of microwave
08 Plasma fireball burns ceiling of microwave
09 Plasma damage to microwave
10 Burnt grape
-- QuickTime Movie

Trial 3 Media

No data available.

Trial 4 Media

No data available.

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