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Cannes Lions talk on Friday

Sunday. 17 June 2012. 19:00 UTC
Stewart is giving a small Cannes Lions talk called “Live-Work” on Friday, June 22nd at 16:00 in the Google tent. From Google’s description: Come and join Stewart Smith—founder of Stewdio—on our beach for an intimate discussion about how he mixes graphic design, art and code to produce some incredible work. For a list of some of Stewart’s previous lectures see items tagged with talk.

Live-Work: Stewdio on the beach

Tuesday. 26 June 2012. 16:00 UTC
Last Friday I gave a quick talk about Stewdio projects called “Live Work” in Google’s Creative Sandbox on the beach in Cannes, France during the annual Cannes Lions festival. Google has just uploaded video of the talk:

View on YouTube:

Google Creative Lab, NYC

Friday. 27 July 2012. 22:00 UTC
We’ve closed up shop in London and hauled it all back to New York City, the greatest city on Earth. We fired the fake interns and parted ways with the fake partners. We’re not even “we” anymore—or never were as it were. Stewdio will continue to exist as a non-existent entity whilst collaborating with real actual people and organizations, just as it always has.

Beginning next Monday, however, my primary focus will become Google Creative Lab. Here’s to the future.


Apple store talk tomorrow, 6:30pm

Sunday. 05 May 2013. 20:00 UTC
I’m speaking about my work tomorrow evening—Monday, May 6th at 6:30pm—at the SoHo Apple store in Manhattan. This is part of the ADC’s Young Guns series of talks (see ADC blog entry). Should be fun. The store’s schedule says I have from 6:30 to 8pm—way too much time. Let’s keep it short and sweet (maybe 1/2 hour?) with some Q&A at the end if that seems worthwhile. The content shouldn’t be much of a surprise: some favorite project highlights, random rants, and so on. Just walk up the glass stairs to the second floor where you’ll find some theater-style seating and a big screen.

Monday, May 6th. 6:30pm
Apple Store SoHo
103 Prince Street
New York NY 10012

212 226 3126