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Chatttr—come chat and draw

Thursday. 03 November 2011. 12:00 UTC
For a few months now we’ve been kicking around a hobby project called Chatttr—located at It’s a free-for-all chat room that allows users to create and share simple line drawings. But that’s just the surface of Chatttr. From the foundation upward we built Chatttr as an experiment in anti-social networking. What happens if there are no accounts? No login? What if multiple people can have the same username? Or change their username between each post? What if there’s no permanent archive? More after the jump…

AIGA Design Envy

Friday. 11 November 2011. 11:11 UTC
I’ve just wrapped up my week as a guest curator on AIGA’s Design Envy blog. It’s been a fun week. Here’s a list of of the posts with links:

1. Paper.js: Juerg Lehni and Jonathan Puckey
2. Charlotte Taylor’s Spring / Summer 2012 Lookbook Film: HarrimanSteel
3. The Cat Scan: Jonny
4. Portal—No Escape: Dan Trachtenberg
5. Reconstructing Visual Experiences from Brain Activity Evoked by Natural Movies: Gallant Lab

Goodbye 2011

Thursday. 22 December 2011. 18:00 UTC
The year is at its end—a moment to reflect upon twelve months of experiments, achievements, and blunders. 2011 opened with multiple trips to Karlsruhe, Germany to collaborate with the ZKM Center for Art and Media on a very early version of trans_actions. In February Stewart served on the judging panel for TED’s Ads Worth Spreading competition and tutoring a month long workshop at the RCA with Jürg Lehni. April was packed: More visits to ZKM, the Creativity and Technology conference posted my Code Play lecture video, Paola Antonelli wrote an article for Domus about data visualization that used Exit as an example, and I posted some odd X-Files triptychs. More after the jump…