Code Play

Small talk about the intersection of art, design, and software illustrated through Stewdio works.

Stewart was invited to speak about Stewdio (his art practice / code house / graphic design studio) at the Creativity and Technology conference (CAT) held in London, November 2010. The talk, titled Code Play, focussed on playfulness as the unifying theme of the Stewdio portfolio. The projects presented were

1. Browser Pong
2. Jed’s Other Poem
3. Windmaker
4. Histoface
5. iQuit

In closing Stewart briefly mentioned The Pendulum Swings Again music video, the Exit (Terre Natale) data animation, and the in-progress collaboration with Robert Pietrusko titled Under Vine for the SFMOMA exhibition How Wine Became Modern. (Since completed and exhibited.) Earlier in the year Stewart had been interviewed by CAT’s organizers Creativity Online in a piece called Face to face with the brains behind iQuit, Browser Pong and other experiments in digital fun.

See also these relevant hyperlinks to third-parties, in order of their mention: Dominic Matar created all of the audio compositions for Browser Pong. Panic Software loaded the Jed video onto their Apple //e using an iPad. Nicky Ramone programmed a music video for Up the Down Escalator video by The Chameleons using the Jed source code. David Friedman inspired Histoface with this post on his blog, Ironic Sans. Tomas Halberstad is the musician and face behind The Pendulum Swings Again music video. Robert Gerard Pietrusko was the collaborator on Under Vine and Exit (Terre Natale).

Released November 2010.

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