Recommended use: Launch Infinite C on multiple computers in your local computer shop to create a public symphony.

Infinite C is a suite of four-second songs composed in C major and played back in random order.

This browser-based sequencer plays a continuous stream of music from a large, randomly shuffled library of four-second songs. Each four-second song is an exercise in reduction, using the default MIDI piano voice to articulate the most minimal of flourishes—all composed in the scale of C major. The intended use is not through one computer, but through several. The inaugural performance employed sixteen machines with one copy of the interface loaded on each machine. Infinite C accepts Play and Pause commands at four second intervals, indicated by an occasional music note icon. The interface will re-sync its clock to the server with each Play / Pause toggle.

Inspired by Andrew Shurtz and Sebastian Campos of We Have Photoshop. It is also an accidental homage to Terry Riley’s 1964 piece In C.

Released February 2008.