Informal investigations of various web interface ideas.

My favorite study by far is Swim. I spent like three hours coding the upper DIV. It’s probably the best website I’ve ever done (thanks Napoleon.) One that I get asked about a lot is Texture which was the foundation of the previous Stewdio website. I tried to get people excited with Fade but I don’t think anyone left it open long enough. (Load it up and let it sit for about four minutes.) I also gave a shot at Stereoscopic 3D but without a pair of red/blue glasses the results aren’t so hot.

The Boxes study uses floating DIVs to automatically organize content based on the width of a user’s browser window. I’ve fallen in love with this feature and have used it on Tweed Magazine as well as MIT’s Center for Advanced Visual Studies (thanks David!). Recently the Epitonic design team asked to borrow this extruded version for their new website. Looks cool guys, keep it up.

Two others worth mentioning are Tiles (based on a conversation with Jake Barton from Local Projects), and Balls which is just plain silly and uses totally ghetto 3D code that doesn’t quite arc correctly. But hey, it’s only a model.

Released November 2005.