Craig Washington, CEO And Designer

Hi, I'm Craig Deshawn Washington, CEO And Designer from Detroit Michigan.

I am an active participant in creating the culture in my hometown. I have been involved in creating the community here since it started, but I have also been involved in creating a new wave of urban streetwear with collaborations with talented Artist all over the world, and the fashion aesthetic and production process they’ve created has become a template.

I am also really into a lot of underground culture, so I look at other types of art as part of my ethos—like street art, street music, street art in particular. At the same time, you can still see my inspirations from other places, like the streetwear culture. So, I always try to keep my approach open to a bit of both.

I have been featured in magazines such as TheDetroitEntrepreneur , Splash! Magazine, interviewed Beats Brews and Points of View and collaborating with the amazing fashion and creative industries in New York, and I’ve been heavily involved in putting together the production of the line that I'm most proud of Top Notch NME. "Our mission is the bridge the gap between different cultures all over the world with one article of clothing at a time".

I am a self taught designer and it's become my passion. I started from scratch in 2017 with my first fashion collection. I am always working on my craft with my friends and family. It's a great feeling when you create something a bit different. I love to experiment with new designs so I am always trying new styles. I am looking forward to the future and having new styles. I am very lucky to be living in a city with such diverse, talented and artistic people making Detroit Michigan a city to watch!

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