Mon. 28 Feb 2011

The Serving Library

David Reinfurt, Stuart Bailey, and Angie Keefer are creating a new model of library: The Serving Library. You are encouraged to read their collective Statement of Intent PDF, help with kickstart funding and of course keep an eye on the Serving Library website which will soon flower from its current form of minimalist five-point manifesto into something much, much larger. See also Dexter / Sinister, O R G, and Dot Dot Dot.

Tue. 15 Feb 2011

Jürg Lehni featured in Grafik

Jürg Lehni has been featured in the relaunch issue of Grafik Magazine (issue #188, pp.28–41). The profile includes photos and descriptions of Jürg’s work and interview snippets from Jürg, his collaborators, and his brother Urs Lehni. Some projects highlighted in the profile include Scriptographer, Empty Words, Hektor, Rita, Flood Fill, and the Lineto type foundry website. You can read more about Jürg’s work on his website, and watch more video at Also check out the brand new Things to Say website, a curatorial collaboration between Jürg and Alex Rich, at

Mon. 07 Feb 2011
Tags. TED, development

Stewart invited to TED judging panel

Last September TED announced their Ads Worth Spreading challenge. Now that the deadline for entry—February 7th—is upon us the judging begins. Stewart has been selected to participate in the twenty-four member judging panel for this competition. Stewdio wishes good luck to all the entrants. Stay tuned to TED for the Ads Worth Spreading results:

Tue. 01 Feb 2011

Royal College of Art meets Research in Motion

Jürg Lehni and Stewart have been invited as tutors to a one month workshop at the Royal College of Art organized by the Helen Hamlyn Centre and sponsored by Research in Motion. As part of the workshop proceedings Stewart will be speaking about his work at the RCA tomorrow afternoon at 13:30 in the Performing Arts Lab (on the first floor of the Stevens Building). Jürg will do likewise the following Wednesday.