The Pendulum Swings Again

Tomas leaves Earth on an unspecified mission that will take him far off into the cosmos.

The space capsule’s computer becomes very concerned about a free-floating banana in the cabin. Tomas resolves the situation by eating the banana.

Emerging from the far end of a wormhole Tomas finds his capsule filled with an eerie green light as his ship’s computer displays a message of greetings from an unknown origin.

The Pendulum Swings Again is a music video for Tomas Halberstad’s song of the same name.

The Pendulum Swings Again is a single from Tomas Halberstad‘s double A-side release Autumn Fall AA. This music video for the single features Tomas piloting a capsule from Earth to the opposite end of the universe on his way to make some new space friends on behalf of humanity. The video’s low-fi vector aesthetics were inspired by The Last Starfighter, WarGames, early Atari releases, and various others.

Released September 2010.